Our Affiliations

Glade Run Church is a member congregation of the Presbyterian church. We have been a member of this denomination and its antecedents for more than 200 years. Glade Run is a member of the Fellowship of Presbyterians.

The official name of Glade Run, “Glade Run United Presbyterian Church” goes back to a time in the church’s history when Presbyterian Churches in the area were known primarily as “United Presbyterian” or “Presbyterian” churches. There is currently no “United Presbyterian Church.”

Glade Run Church has officially taken action through its session to affirm these Biblical positions, including:

  • The ordination of women to all aspects of ministry within the church’s life;
  • The practice of chastity outside of marriage and fidelity within marriage between a man and a woman for all ordained officers of the church.

Glade Run Church is a member of the National Association of Evangelicals.  The NAE was founded in 1942.  It is a fellowship of member denominations, churches, organizations and individuals. Its stated goal is to honor God by connecting and representing evangelicals in the United States.  There are 40 denominations and 45,000 churches.   The NAE serves to make denominations strong and effective, influence society for justice and righteousness, and gather the many voices of evangelicals together to be more effective for Jesus Christ and his cause.