Closed for all community activities until further notice

March 14, 2020

In light of the recent decisions by our government to take precautions to avoid a health crises with the Coronoavirus, the elders, deacons and worship leaders had discussions on whether or not to close the church for a period of time. After input and discussion, the session voted to close the church to all activities for 2 weeks.

Pastor Gutty expects to have sermons posted to social media for you to listen.  Hopefully the first sermon will be available tomorrow afternoon.

The Meals on Wheels program will continue to function at the discretion of Margaret Gebhart, the director.  If you are a volunteer for this program, please contact Margaret with any questions.

The Boaz House is not taking any donations.

If you have a pastoral need, please contact the church for assistance and leave a message if no one answers.  The staff will be in and out of the office checking messages and mail and handling pertinent matters.

The decision to close was not one that was made without much input and prayerful discussion.  We appreciate your patience and cooperation during this time.


Glade Run Session